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регионарное кровообращение и микроциркуляция


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Contents of the last issue:

Regional Haemodynamics and Microcirculation

2017, N 4(64)

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 4-10)
Milyukov V. E., Sharifova H. M.
Modern concepts of the morphofunctional organization of vascularization of liver.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 11-26)
Fedorovich A. A.
Microcirculation of the human skin as an object of research.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 27-34)
Sagaidachnyi A. A., Fomin A. V., Skripal A. V., Usanov D. A.
Temperature and hemodynamic effects during the occlusion test on the upper limbs of healthy subjects: synchronicity, vasoconstriction, vasodilation.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 35-41)
Vasiliev A. P., Streltsova N. N., Salamova L. A.
Functionality of skin microhemocirculation in patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extremity arteries as per laser Doppler flowmetry.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 42-49)
Dremin V. V., Kozlov I. O., Zherebtsov E. A., Makovik I. N., Dunaev A. V., Sidorov V. V., Krupatkin A. I.
The capabilities of laser Doppler flowmetry in assessment of lymph and blood microcirculation.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 50-55)
Polunina O. S., Voronina L. P., Polunina E. A., Sevostyanova I. V.
Analysis of the reactivity of the endothelium of microvessels of the skin in chronic heart failure.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 56-59)
Minasian S. M., Mamedov A. E., Poleshenko Ja. I., Scvortchov A. E., Reznik O. N., Kutenkov A. A., Galagudza M. M., Sonin D. L., Karpov A. A., Berko O. M., Dmitriev Y. V., Vlasov T. D.
A new protocol for isoheart rat kydney blood perfusion.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 60-64)
Blazhko A. A., Shakhmatov I. I., Kiselev V. I., Lycheva N. A., Moskalenko S. V.
Changes of microcirculation in rats detected by laser Doppler flowmetry at physical load accompanied by the development of thrombotic readiness.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 65-72)
Sonin D. L., Dementeva I. N., Chefu S. G.
Effect of Notrombel on systemic hemodynamics and thrombin tolerance in the in vivo experiment.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 73-79)
Lobov G. I., Unt D. V.
Glucocorticoids stimulate the contractile activity of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 80-85)
Khugaeva V. K.
Aleksei Mikhailovich Chernukh - the founder of modern research of microcirculation.

2017, N 4(64) (pp. 86-87)
ГБОУ ВПО ПСПбГМУ им. акад. И.П.Павлова

ООО «СП Минимакс»

The 11th World Congress for Microcirculation
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