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регионарное кровообращение и микроциркуляция


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Contents of the last issue:

Regional Haemodynamics and Microcirculation

2017, N 3(63)

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 4-9)
Kudykin M. N., Beschastnov V. V., Deryabin R. A., Sheiko G. E., Celousova L. M., Belova A. N.
The role of hypoxia-inducible factorin the syndrome of chronic lower limb ischemia and influence of diabetes mellitus on process of angiogenesis.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 10-14)
Tereshchenko A. V., Trifanenkova I. G., Panamareva S. V.
Color Doppler for retinopathy of prematurity.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 15-20)
Stafeeva I. V., Voznjouk I. A., Dudanov I. P.
The brain functional activity - bioelectrical marker of the effectiveness of carotid endarterectomy performed in the acute period of ischemic stroke.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 21-25)
Baev V. M., Agafonova T. Yu., Samsonova O. A., Dusakova R. Sh.
Structural-functional peculiarities of peripheral hemodynamics in young women with idiopathic arterial hypotension.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 26-30)
Konnov D. Yu., Konnov Yu. A., Lukyanov S. A., Shapovalov K. G.
Patterns of microcirculation changes in acute systemic cold injury.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 31-40)
Sagaidachnyi A. A., Fomin A. V.
Analysis of time derivative of the temperature response of fingers on the brachial occlusion and its relationship with hemodynamic parameters.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 41-48)
Koidan A. A., Batalin I. V., Vavilov V. N., Kaputin M. Y., Atmadzas A. V., Atmadzas K. A., Kuryanov P. S., Gorin A. S.
Comparative results of different methods of arterial reconstruction in the patients with critical stenosis of the femoral-popliteal-tibial segment.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 49-55)
Gorbachev V. I., Khmelnitsky I. V., Gorbacheva S. M.
Relationship of sedation level with hemodynamics and heart rate variability.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 56-61)
Skedina M. A., Kovaleva A. A.
Investigation of blood flow parameters in the microvasculature in adolescents football teams during the training process.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 62-69)
Kucher A. G., Beresneva O. N., Parastaeva M. M., Ivanova G. T., Zarajsky M. I., Shwed N. V., Kayukov I. G.
High salts intake, cardiovascular system and kidney in spontaneous hypertensive rats.

2017, N 3(63) (pp. 70-75)
Vasina E. Y., Chefu S. G., Petrishchev N. N., Veselkina O. S.
The influence of Notrombel on the process of photoinduced thrombogenesis.
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