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регионарное кровообращение и микроциркуляция


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Contents of the last issue:

Regional Haemodynamics and Microcirculation

2018, N 1(65)

2018, N 1(65) (p. 4)
Galagudza M. M.
Appeal to readers.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 5-12)
Galagudza M. M., Sonin D. L., Pochkaeva E. I.
The no-reflow phenomenon: mechanisms and therapeutic targets.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 13-24)
Prudnikov A. R., Schupakova A. N.
Matrix metalloproteinases: role in the development of myocardial postinfarction remodeling.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 25-31)
Marichev A. O., Voldaeva O. A., Grebennik V. K., Kurskova E. S., Myakshin S. V., Saveleva A. A., Tashkhanov D. M., Mazurok V. A., Bautin A. E.
About differences in systemic and pulmonary circulation in the cases of metabolic acidosis after cardio surgery.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 32-38)
Bautin A. E., Yakovlev A. S., Ryazantseva D. A., Klypa N. D., Marichev A. O., Tashkhanov D. M., Zayashnikov S. V., Aram-Balyk N. V., Fedotov P. A., Bortsova M. A., Karpova L. I., Etin V. L., Kucherenko V. S.
Hemodynamic effects of the vasodilation in different vascular regions on patients with severe left ventricle systolic dysfunction.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 39-44)
Grebenchikov O. A., Skripkin Yu. V., Zabelina T. S., Likhvantsev V. V.
Evaluation of nuclear DNA level in plasma of cardiac-surgery patients as a predictor of multiorgan dysfunction.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 45-49)
Gorbachev V. I., Lokhov A. V.
Some aspects of systemic and cerebral hemodynamics with intrahospital transport in patients after clipping aneurysm of the brain.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 50-60)
Kuznetsov S. I., Kirichuk O. P., Burkova N. V., Topko А. А., Davankov V. A., Postnov V. N., Litvinenko E. V.
The impact of the contact of venous human blood with sorbents on some of blood physicochemical parameters in vitro.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 61-68)
Popov G. I., Kryukov A. E., Nashchekina Yu. A., Ivankova E. M., Vavilov V. N., Yudin V. E., Popryadukhin P. V., Yukina G. Yu., Smirnova N. V.
Comparative evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells cultivation methods on biodegradable L-polylactide scaffold for the creation of tissue-engineered vascular implant.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 69-73)
Shcherbak N. S., Popovetskiy M. A., Yukina G. Yu., Galagudza M. M.
Effect of curcumin in the acute phase of ischemia in chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in rats.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 74-82)
Istomina M. S., Pochkaeva E. I., Sonin D. L., Pechnikova N. A., Postnov V. N., Mazing D. S., Korolev D. V.
Research of the peculiarities of colloidal quantum dots of AgInS2/ZnS and chitosan nanoparticles labeled with indocyanine green as the fluorescent labels for biomedical applications.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 83-89)
Zelinskaya I. A., Toropova Ya. G.
Wire myography in modern scientific researches: methodical aspects.

2018, N 1(65) (pp. 90-96)
Danilenko L. M., Pokrovsky M. V., Dovgan A. P., Kolesnichenko P. D., Timokhina A. S., Kotelnikova A. S.
Cardioprotective effects of derivatives of heterocyclic amino acids and 5-hydroxynicotinic acid in doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy.
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